11 Great Reasons Why You Need a Belt


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11 Great reasons why you need a belt

So, why do you need that belt as part of you style armament? Because the right belt can be a game changer! Whether you prefer a skinny belt or a wide waist corset belt, you’ll find it refreshing to adorn one over your outfit. No need to match belts with your shoes or bag they are quite capable of standing alone. Use belts to add interest, structure, and functionality to your look. I invite you to check out the list below for some helpful tips.

  1. Use a belt as the “third piece” to add that extra polished vibe that can enhance any look. Nip in the waistline and dress up a simple sheath dress by adding a skinny belt.
  2. Accentuate your waistline. Belts cinch the waistline to accentuate your waistline when worn over blazers, poncho or a sweater. This is especially helpful when layering separates, to avoid or reduce the bulkiness around your waistline.
  3. The right belt can be a game changer to enhance your silhouette for a fresh modern vibe. On the other hand, use a vintage style belt to add a subtle vintage vibe to your look. Also, use braided belt to add a tinge of bohemian vibe to your look.
  4. Belts also add texture, interest, and depth to any look. A bold wide belt can add interest to a basic look. The polished and crisp look of a white belt ups the ante of a spring or summery vibe to a floral dress.
  5. Use a wide belt to define your waistline under a blazer for that street style chic look. Also, simply style with a dress, or high waisted pants.
  6. Also A wide waist belt creates an illusion of curves for tall and straight gals like me. They also work sensationally well for gals with an hour-glass figure.
  7. Look to a belt to help break up transitions in a monochromatic look. A solid color belt will ground and streamline a full printed or patterned outfit.
  8. Adorn a belt between a top heavy and slim bottom or vice versa. A wallet on a belt or belt bag will add both functionality and an on-trend vibe to your look.
  9. Use a belt in a bold contrasting color to add color and excitement to a neutral look. They also work to break up transitions in color or pattern.
  10. Hip belts come in wide or skinny varieties. They look great over a tunic, dress, or flowy skirt when worn lower in the waistline.
  11. On the other hand, a chain belt over a lace dress adds contrast and some toughness or edge to an otherwise soft look. Chain belts also pop over a neutral tone. Chain belts can also be worn low on the waist as hip belts.

Types of belts and what they do

  • As you well know, there are myriad of belts available, and the more variety you have in your arsenal, the easier it is to up your style game as belts can change the total look of an outfit elevating it to dressier, edgier, or more casual.
  • Skinny belts are dressier like here and here. They work well with fitted dresses like a sheath dress. Avoid using a skinny belt with a voluminous dress as it gets swallowed up and looses its luster and function.
  • Chunky a wide waisted belts are more on the casual side, although they can also be dressy depending on how they are styled. They create an illusion of curves for tall and straight gals like me. 
  • High waisted belts define your waistline and silhouette and also add structure to a loose outfit. They can also be used with a jumpsuit to pull your outfit together .
  • Hip belts are worn lower than the waistline, as the name implies, just over the hips. They look great over tunic, dress or flowy skirt and come in wide or skinny varieties add
  • Obi belts are Japanese style belts that have gone mainstream. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but basically wrap around and are easily adjustable for snugness to define your waistline.

Finally, after pointing out these 11 great reasons why you need a belt, I invite you to check out our selection of belts here. The Nma wide waisted corset style belt is our forerunner, but we have added a few others including the hip belt and the high waist clear an translucent plastic belts. Use the link above to shop with a discounted code on the website.

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