7 classy ways to rock the plastic fashion trend

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “trendy is the last stage before tacky”. As much as I agree with that quote, I also know that you can modestly and tactfully get into trends without coming off as being tacky.

If you lean towards classy like I do, the plastic trend is one of those that borders around questionable. For that reason, this post tackles 7 classy ways to rock the plastic fashion trend without coming off as tacky.

That being said, when I first saw PVCs a.k.a. transparent plastic on the 2018 fashion runways, I must admit I was the first amongst the critics to disavow wearing plastic. I wondered how far I would go in fashion in an attempt to be fashionable and trendy. What I failed to understand then, and to do was to open my mind to the endless possibilities of the various other ways that plastic can be incorporated in fashion IRL.

Fast forward a few years later, plastic is now incorporated into most every fashionable piece, and accessories. From shoes, handbags, belts, hair accessories and earrings, you name it.

So, for those that are circumspect in the trend, you can incorporate the trend into your look without donning a full plastic outfit, simply nod to the trend with accessories like a belt, shoe, or bag.

I have especially come to love the incorporation into the use as a belt. See here, here, and here as it adds some edge to a simple outfit.

However, my quarrel with this trend is the environmental impact it creates and the fact that it further fosters plastic pollution, a grave danger enhanced by the fast fashion industry.

7 ways to rock the plastic trend


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